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We are a small team of people who’s main aim is to make great fudge for our customers. We are not always available immediately, but we will always respond to our mails. Feel free to call, email, SMS, WhatsApp, send smoke signals, carrier pigeons or whatever it takes to reach out to us. We love feedback both positive and constructive and we welcome trade inquiries for those wanting to market our delicious fudge.

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Postal Address

PO Box 46208
Cape Town,


Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 08h00am-17h00
Saturdays: 09h00 – 13h00


Contact Tel

072 784 6940


Petro van Wyk

Email: petro [at] allaboutfudge [dot] co [dot] za

Colin Wall

Email: colin [at] allaboutfudge [dot] co [dot] za